Network Security

Our network security system protects the integrity, reliability, and availability of your data and information – your precious asset – by securing your network infrastructure, while maintaining productivity and efficient processes.

With years of industry experience, our consultants offer you the best practices in designing, consulting, planning, building, and managing the security of your network infrastructure.

Our service is delivered based on Integrated Security approach, which spans across all security concerns affecting your company from physical to application security. This way, we help you ensure the sustainability of your business activity.

Area of Competencies:

Ensures proper policies and procedures are put into place to protect proprietary information, handle incidents management, and implement information-security practices.
Helps customer in implementation of corporate security policy to ensure uninterrupted business processes.
Ensures proper monitoring, detection, and response to possible vulnerabilities and threats to enterprise information.
Improves systems monitoring, traces user activity from outside as well inside of the network; recognizes and reports alterations to data files; and recognizes types of attack and alerts appropriate staff for defensive responses.
Identifies security vulnerabilities and threats that may exist within the network infrastructure. This Vulnerability and Threats Assessment should be carried out on a regular basis.
Designs and develops business continuity planning around all aspects of IT infrastructure including applications, systems and networks.